March 15, 2012

Food for thought:

The Georgia Cogeneration and Distributed Generation Act of 2001 says this:

O.C.G.A. § 46-3-51  (2011)
§ 46-3-51.  Legislative determinations and declarations
(a) The legislature finds that it is in the public interest to:
(1) Encourage private investment in renewable energy resources;
(2) Stimulate the economic growth of Georgia; and
(3) Enhance the continued diversification of the energy resources used in Georgia.
(b) The General Assembly further finds and declares that a program to provide distributed generation for eligible cogenerators is a way to encourage private investment in renewable energy resources, stimulate in-state economic growth, enhance the continued diversification of this state’s energy resource mix, and reduce interconnection and administrative costs.

Why then, are the continuing restrictions and limitations put on renewable energy in Georgia not declared unconstitutional? Who gets to determine who’s “eligible”?


March 14, 2012

Crossover Day was March 7th and House Bill 961 – the bill to prohibit HOA’s from interfering in Private Property rights for an owner to install solar was defeated by a small margin. It is important to know who voted against the bill to slow down solar development in Georgia. Know where your legislators stand before you call.  Maybe they just were not educated. Did you know that solar adds an average of $17,000 to the value of a home? Perhaps they just needed more information.  Was your Representative on the side of growth and small business, or was it on the side of nosy neighbors? Find out here, with the vote results.


February 14th, 2012

On February 7th, 2012, Senators Buddy Carter, Tommy Williams, Ronnie Chance, Jason Carter,  and Chip Rogers, submitted  SB 401 which has been now referred to the Committee on  Natural Resources and the Environment.

The bill aims to clarify the definitions of  “Customer Generator” and “Generation Facility” in order to separate the concepts of ownership and equipment, so that  domestic clean energy can be produced and financed by private enterprise.

This is an important bill to the State of Georgia, as billions in energy investment dollars have been spent elsewhere.

Read the full text of the  Senate Bill 401 here.


Follow the committee calendar here.

The public is invited to speak on behalf or against a bill in committee when it is on the agenda.  Solar industry supporters are encouraged to come the state capitol to have their opinions heard on these days, at the appointed time.

Call  Committee Members and let them know you support SB401 today.

Bulloch, JohnVice Chairman
Ginn, FrankEx-Officio
Gooch, SteveEx-Officio
Miller, ButchEx-Officio
Butterworth, JimMember – (Until 09/12/2011)

Sims, Freddie PowellMember