3/12/12 GEORGIA ADVOCACY ALERT! -Clean Energy Property Tax Credit Rollback
New Energy jobs for Georgia’s economy are in jeopardy even further, as House Bill 818 was amended last week to include a rollback of the renewable energy investment tax credit from a total of 5 million dollars down to 2.5 million. Oversubscribed at it’s current pace, with a waiting list through 2013, the current bill version would cut Georgia’s solar energy industry in HALF by 2014.  More businesses will be headed to North Carolina.  ACT NOW.
Call the legislators on this list today and tell them that you support renewable energy, but you are against the tax credit roll back.  Senate Finance Committee.
This is urgent! Georgia needs the jobs. There are only 9 days left in the session this year.



House Bill 961, the Homeowner’s Solar Bill of Rights is up for a vote on the house floor of the legislature TODAY!  Call your representative and tell them to vote FOR solar private property rights in Georgia. Here is today’s calendar.


2/24/12  GEORGIA ADVOCACY ALERT! There will be a hearing and vote at the state capitol on Monday 2/27 for HB961: The Homeowners Solar Bill of Rights.  Rep. Karla Drenner has proposed legislation that would prohibit homeowner’s associations from infringing on the private property rights of a homeowner to install solar PV or hot water panels.  This is your chance to speak up and be heard.  Room 132 CAP. This is scheduled as a regular open meeting before a vote will be held, and you are invited to sign up to speak. The meeting will take place Monday, upon adjournment of the House of Representatives’ session, or at 1PM, whichever is later.   If you cannot make the meeting, please call a member of  Rep. Mike Jacobs’ subcommittee, and make your opinions known.