Ask any State Representative in this session why they voted unanimously for House Bill 818 and they will tell you its a good bill, because it expands the definition of clean energy property (that qualifies for the state tax credit) to include geothermal heat pumps.

Good, right?

Not so fast. Someone, managed to amend the bill before the vote, cutting in HALF, the very same tax credits (5 million down to 2.5 million)  that these heat pump installers were seeking to qualify for.  Line 47 (G) of this bill, calls for repealing last year’s increase in the investment pool of state credits to develop renewable energy.  That directly conflicts with another tiny bill called the Georgia Cogeneration and Distribution Act of 2001 which clearly states that it is in the best interests of the state to ENCOURAGE renewable energy.

Shocking! Who could be so devious? The bill’s summary does not even mention this little slight of hand, which would decimate the solar industry, it’s suppliers, manufacturers and HVAC installers. Thousands of jobs could be lost immediately following the passage of this bill.

If youre reading this,  call your senator right away (especially those on the senate finance committee) and ask them to fix this bill today with more, not less incentive to develop renewable energy in Georgia.