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The Georgia Energy Trust

Dear Clean Energy supporter (or curiosity seeker),

I just spoke with Dr. Smith, and his “solar” ribbon-cutting at Driftaway Cafe is scheduled for 5:00 on Wednesday, Jan. 25th. He wants everyone in Savannah to come . . . LOL

The following letter outlines how he presented the details of the two projects he funded in Savannah. Today Dr. Smith told me that he is lobbying for a clarification or interpretation of the private property laws in Georgia, and he is confident that he will be able to sell electricity to one buyer on private property. The ramifications of this could be B I G !

I am coming to realize as I talk more and more to Dr. Sidney Smith, that he is truly a clean energy pioneer who is willing to take the financial risks to steer our state towards self-reliance and energy independence. He is also reinforcing the entrepreneurial, innovative spirit that MUST be rekindled in this generation of Americans for us to improve our economy and our society. If this is successful, he will be paving the way for small business opportunities and JOB CREATION across our state, also reinforcing free market capitalism at its basic level.

Of course, he has already made Georgia clean energy history with his solar farm in Bulloch County.

Please help me pass along Dr. Smith’s message and story. I am hoping to get a hundred people there on Wednesday to meet him, and hear him firsthand. It is the least we can do . . . .

Claudia Collier & Joy Kramer

Subject: Georgia’s first Power Purchase Agreement & Lowering Electic Rates 1% – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Dr. Sidney Smith and Dr. Pat Godbey January 25th Savannah Georgia
Dear Friends.

On December 31st, Lower Rates for Customers, LLC (Dr. Godbey and I) began selling power 1% lower than Georgia Power with a fixed rate for two years. The Bethesda School for Boys and Driftaway Cafe in Savannah are elated by the opportunity to lower their power bills, support a Georgia based business, and help with the Georgia Energy Trust Fund.

Our solar panels are located on the consumer’s private land connected directly to their breaker panel through our newly developed Smart Meters communicating through cellular technology with the Epower Exchange software (epowerexchange.com). Your constituents and their communities are also interested in lower electric rates and new revenue streams for their rural counties. Over the past year, we have developed our own Smart Meters with cellular technology integrating them into our Epower Exchange software. With our system, we are able to monitor and bill electronically, thus achieving a savings for our customers and benefiting our communities.

Even more exciting for Georgia, is our potential with our new technology and software to sell power over the grid from any energy source to a specific purchaser in the state. Farmers will have a new commodity to sell and the implications for solar and micro hydro power are enormous. In Oglethorpe, Georgia, for example, a revitalized dam could partially pay the city’s annual budget with our help. We have the ability to link power producers to consumers across the state with our newly developed cellular meters and software which performs all accounting of energy transfers. We hope passage of the Epower Exchange Legislation this session will make this a reality for every Georgian and lower their electric power bills.

Chatham County now joins Bulloch County in receiving 1.5% of our annual profits which will be invested in the Georgia Energy Trust Fund that will eventually afford these counties financial independence and be self funding thus not requiring any Federal, State, or local Property Tax Revenue for their county budgets. Additionally, we will be installing solar systems in Bryan and Chatooga Counties within the month making them the third and fourth counties on the road to financial freedom.

The day has come for Georgians to become producers of energy and thereby securing Georgia’s financial independence. We hope you are interested in joining us for a ribbon cutting ceremony in Savannah at the Bethesda School for Boys at 4 pm (Bethesda cancelled) and Driftaway Cafe at 5 pm on Wednesday, January 25th. A reception will immediately follow at the Driftaway Cafe, 7400 Skidaway Raod.


Sidney Smith M.D., Pat Godbey M.D.